Buck Lake sits in the boreal forest in the County of Wetaskiwin in central Alberta.

120 km southwest of Edmonton and 70 km north of Rocky Mountain House. The nearest centre is the town of Drayton Valley, 30 km to the northwest.

The lake’s beauty is set in rolling countryside benefiting from large parts of the lake shore being protected natural areas. 


The beauty of the lake is different for all visitors but the one key attribute that most will agree is the extra space and tranquility it provides.

Buck Lake has that quintessential feel having forested shorelines going around the lake.
It is very different from southern prairie lakes.

Buck Lake is never busy like other lakes easily accessible from the two largest cities in Alberta.
Lots around the lake are generally setback from the shore line, with low density large lots that almost eliminate the feeling of a city developments that many other more populated lakes seem to convey.

Buck Lake invites you to come and experience some of what Buck Lake has to offer.  The tranquil lake close to nature.

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